Nishman Prof. Keratin Complex Silicon & Paraben Free Hair Conditioner 1250 ML

The best conditioner for men and women is one that protects hair from towel damage. NISHMAN PROFESSIONAL Daily Conditioner is perfect for daily use after every shampoo. In addition, it has a very special formula structure that does not contain silicon and paraben damage to the hair.



• NISHMAN Silicone and Paraben Free Conditioner for daily use.

• Its advantage is that it has an instant effect.

• Protects hair from towel damage.

• All hair needs a conditioner treatment.

• Even if you have fine hair or oily roots, you still need the conditioner. A conditioner is essential for keeping your hair healthy and feeling good.

• It has been specially formulated with the keratin component in its content.

• EXTENDS THE LIFE OF KERATIN APPLICATION – It will not eliminate the effects of Keratin Complex and its treatment, on the contrary it will support its permanence.

• SPROTECTS THE NATURAL APPEARANCE OF YOUR HAIR – With its meticulously formulated special structure that does not contain silicone paraben, it will make your hair look soft and healthy.

• PROFESSIONAL POWERFUL FORMULA – Our special purifying after-shampoo conditioner is preferred by exclusive salons around the world, so you can get it along with our shampoo without thinking.

Apply the conditioner used after the daily shampoo to wet hair, massage into the hair and rinse after waiting for 5 minutes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.