Nishman Matte Looking Wax 08


Nishman Matte wax is formulated to create a flexible hold on your hair, with the perfect matte touch to transform hair into just about any style.
This product is the best product that can be used to highlight your texture and look in your hair with the flexible hold of natural clay. For greater hardness, we recommend using additional Nishman products. This special product with a matte surface appearance and strong hold all day long is perfect for short hair styling and its special formula resistant to perspiration is ideal for active men.

  • Strong grip like jelly
  • Matte appearance
  • Easy application
  • Volumes and styles hair
  • Water-based, easy to remove with water
  • Providing control on even the curlyest, thickest and messiest hair
  • Keeps the same shape all day long
  • Providing excellent quality and residue-free clean hair appearance


How to Use
Rub small amount of matte hair product evenly between your hands. Distribute with your hands evenly among the hair dried with a towel or blow dryer. Style with your hands or with the help of a comb. Use Nishman auxiliary products for longer hold and tougher shapes. This water-soluble wax is easily removed from your hair.