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New Generation Skin Care Technologies

The rapid change and transformation in technology has deeply affected the beauty industry. Today, thanks to nanotechnology, it is possible to challenge time and fix the image at the age of 30s. Hair, Skin Care and Beauty Specialist, Trainer Master Figen Aktosun said that these new technologies, which made the “Fountain of Youth” legend, became popular among women in a short time. Stating that every period has its own trends, Aktosun made the following determinations: “Looking young, stopping the effects of time and gravity has been the problem of women since ancient times. They would go under the knife and take great risks for this. Such as facelift, neck reconstruction, surgeries to obtain renewed skin layers by making severe burns with chemical solutions… or they wanted a dull but younger expression like botox filling. Today, beauty applications that come with nano technology based beauty and care devices are in demand. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is, of course, that it does not carry the risks that can be experienced in the surgery, the other is that it contains solutions that are cheaper and do not take people away from their work. It is also an important factor that they see the effect in a short time. “