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Nishman After Shave Cream & Cologne 2 in 1- 04 Gold One

NISHMAN After Shave Cream & Cologne is a 2-in-1 product that is a combination of special cream and cologne, which should be included in every man’s shaving kit. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin. It provides a feeling of freshness, instantly relaxes and quickly rejuvenates the skin with its structure created with active natural ingredients that help prevent inflammation, irritation and redness. This family size After Shave Cologne is formulated for all skin types. It is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin.

If your skin is irritated or sore after shaving, you may have sensitive skin, so why not use this wonderful and fragrant Nishman Shaving Horn Cream & Cologne 2 in 1? This wonderful lotion also has antiseptic properties and its effects are dermatologically approved.



NISHMAN Aftershave Cream & Cologne 2 in 1 is enriched with Allantoin (a substance used to soften and moisturize the skin and prevents itching and spills) and ingredients that help moisturize the skin. This rich content helps to strengthen the skin’s defenses and increase its elasticity, protects the skin against razor pain and keeps it moist, protects the skin by helping the skin stay moist throughout the day with the oil-free protective layer it creates on the skin. With the perfect harmony of bergamot, lavender, amber, vanilla and musk, this fragrance allows you to smell wonderful all day long.

Complete your morning shave with Nishman After Shave Cream & Cologne to get that soft skin you expect.

Product Features:

• Reduces Skin Dryness

• Suitable for all skin types

• Rich, Creamy and Easily Absorbed

• Protects the Skin with Two Layers

• 2in1 After Shave Cream Cologne

• Protection Against Razor Irritation

• Protects Against Irritation and Redness

• Refreshes and Moisturizes the Skin

• Long-Lasting Freshness and Relaxing Feeling

• The scent lasts for hours

• Contains Allantoin, which protects against skin irritation

• Keeps Skin Moisturized All Day Long