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Nishman Professional Bead Wax Black

Why do so many people choose this product?

• It does not require the use of a tape. This painless wax hardens on the applied surface by cooling itself and you can easily pull it off with the help of your fingers without applying any wax tape on it.

. You do not have to apply only in salons. You can purchase it from the closest salon and use it at home whenever you want.

• This painless granular wax can be used to remove unwanted hair on any part of the body, including the face, underarms and bikini area. It is an excellent product for sensitive skin.

Key Features :

It is specially formulated in the form of pearl grains.

• It does not require the use of tape or oil before waxing.

• It can be used safely in all parts of the body.

• It can be easily melted and used with a heater or similar apparatus.

• It creates a painless waxing experience by sticking to the hairs on the surface, not your skin, in the area where it is applied.



How to Use :

1.Heat the pearl wax particles by soaking in the desired amount of normal wax in a heater or microwave or in hot water in a glass bowl.

2. With the help of a plastic or wooden spatula, apply the granular wax by spreading it towards the growth direction of the hairs in the area to be applied. (Make sure the pearl wax heated before application is not too hot)

3.Wait for a short time for the skin to cool down and the wax firmly adhere to the surface, then with a quick movement, lift the pearl wax with the help of your hands, against the direction of hair growth.