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Nishman Professional Mold Wax Black

It is made with soothing gayazulen and vitamin E to soothe and soothe the skin. Fast-melting mold wax parts become ready to use within minutes. Place the molded wax in the amount of wax you need. Recommended for sensitive areas, effective on face and bikini areas. Specially formulated for medium / long hair and sensitive skin types.



Product Features:

• Suitable for sensitive skin and areas.

• Ideal for thick and stubborn hair.

• It melts quickly and easily.

• It gives a silky smooth appearance to the skin.

Nishman Professional Wax is for epilation processes made with wax only, which does not require a disposable tape for thick, stubborn hair, with its fast and easy melting. Just add the amount you need to the heater. It helps the skin to achieve a silky smoothness, ideal for normal skin and sensitive areas./p>